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  • Uniquely designed storage hoppers

  • Customised storage hoppers and blending plants ranging from small to large volume capacity

  • Modular heavy duty support framework RSJ uprights complete with bracing

  • Modular designed support framework specified to suit a range of sizes of storage hoppers and blending plant

  • Hoppers and blending plants facilitated with helmet design type discharge doors or belt feeders depending on customer applications for range of products including sand, cement, peat, coal, woodchips and other products in the concrete quarry recycling industries

  • Health and safety guarding including safety grid on top of bins where necessary to meet BS standards

  • Storage hopper blasted and painted to environmental standards

  • All storage hoppers tapered in design to allow free flow of material which has the option of being facilitated with electric / air vibration

  • Liner plates from either mild steel, hard wearing durable polyurethane or Hardox which are bolted in design for maintenance purposes

  • Full range of hoppers are designed with discharge systems in place to minimise spillage of a range of materials in the concrete, quarry, coal and recycling sectors

  • A full range of hoppers with infeed incline shutes and discharge shutes manufactured to suit a range of material applications

  • Modular heavy duty support framework RSJ uprights complete with bracing

  • Silo is complete with cylindrical and cone sections supported on modular robust design framework with uprights

  • Environmental dust filters

  • Hi-level / Lo-level alarm indicator

  • Either 1 or 2 outlets with flanges to suit screw conveyor on silo

  • Fill pipe with bell end

  • Manual butterfly valve

  • Safety pressure lid and manhole maintenance access

  • Access safety ladders galvanised (landing if required)

  • Hand rail and safety kick rail galvanised around silo top

  • 1no screw conveyor for cement transfer

  • Silo blasted and painted to environmental standards

  • Pinch valve for fill pipe

  • Aeration Nozzle facility on tapered cone section of silo for easement of material flow

  • Rubber sock for outfeed of screw conveyor

  • Robust steel structure design with 50 tonne storage capacity

  • Environmental Wam dust filter, Hi level alarm indicator with extension rod, safety pressure lid, pinch valve for fill pipe
    1no discharge outlet with flange to suit Wam screw conveyor on silo c/w electric motor

  • Fill pipe with bell end

  • Access manhole lid on top of silo

  • Access safety ladder, handrail and safety kick rail around silo top, galvanised

  • 1no transfer screw conveyor complete with rubber sock at despatch end

  • Support provided for transfer screw conveyor

  • 1no V trough screw conveyor flange mounted on bottom of silo c/w electric motor / gearbox

  • Silo safety control panel

  • Aeration nozzles fitted on silo on tapered lower section of silo for easement of cement material flow

  • Silo and screw conveyor blasted and painted to environmental standards

  • Estimated delivery time to site location 4-6 weeks

Please use the form below to contact us with any queries you might have. We will respond as soon as possible - normally within one working day.

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