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Cabragh Engineering Ltd based in Co Tyrone, N. Ireland was established in 1984, has become a market leader in manufacturing concrete and quarry equipment exporting to over 35 Countries worldwide. Striving to improve customer production and profitability with our continuous innovative product research and development. 

To date Cabragh Engineering has supplied and installed many concrete batching plant facilitating both for small and larger customer production demands. Cabragh provides:

  • a wide range of options for your concrete plant design

  • our factory facilitates customer technical design, manufacturing of overall plant and customer viewing facilities before product despatch

  • concrete plants are available turnkey

  • professional technical support and spare parts available

Cabragh’s extensive range of equipment works across a wide variety of applications including concrete, aggregates, infrastructure and road building, construction and demolition, mining, waste management and recycling.

Within our large factory production facility Cabragh has dedicated manufacturing production units supplying the following products with dedicated teams of people specialising in these departments:

  • Low Level / Vertical Silos Department

  • Crushing Screening Department

  • Recycling Department

  • Conveyor Flow Systems Department

  • Concrete Moulds Department

Contact us to provide design, advice and site layout ideas for your concrete, quarry and/or recycling production requirements. Our company offers our new customers reassurance by introducing you to our existing customers providing onsite visits of production machinery Cabragh have manufactured and installed.

Cabragh promotes factory site visits by inviting new customers the opportunity to speak to existing customers on their experiences and opinions working with Cabragh Engineering.

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